Tuesday, November 4, 2008

bug reporting skill.

bug reporting skill.
we added the default format into mantis itself, which forces every QA to log the bug in proper manner. e.g.
1. Category: functional/GUI/verfication/non functional/etc.. (around 50 categories)
2. Platform
3. Browsers
4. Title
5. #Fact: (means what is happening)
6. Steps: (explaining what happened & how)
7. Image
8. Testcase ID
9. UserRole

While bugs are resolved, root cause is also written by developers & closed by testers, at any stage we can have stat of verification & validation.

and and .... Finally at the EOD a bug report is kicked towards development team :-)


Anonymous said...

could you please remove the trailing "." pls...
:) no bug report for that hey!

Anonymous said...

Priority is Business;
Severity is Technical

Severity is customer-focused while priority is business-focused.