Tuesday, February 10, 2009

what is SCRUM model

Scrum is a process of s/w development used with agile software development. Taks are collected in product backlog, out of these sprint backlog is prepared, then sprint executed iterated same again.

A sprint is a time-boxed period of a list of task.
Each "sprint" has a length of 15-30 days. The set of prioritized features that go into a sprint come from the product "backlog",

Product backlog:
A prioritized list of high level requirements.

Sprint backlog :
A list of tasks to be completed during the sprint.

In SCRUM, there are two roles, Pigs and chickens, based on a joke about a pig and a chicken

Pig: ones committed to the project in the Scrum process. who are:
Product Owner :who represents the stakeholders
ScrumMaster (or Facilitator) :who maintains processes (same as PM)
Team :which includes the developers.

Chickens: who will not work directly but will review, analyse & suggest ideas. who are:
Stakeholders (customers, vendors)

Daily Scrum: a 15-20 min., standing, at same location , same time,
3 questions asked: what u did yesterday, plan of today, any problem faced

Sprint Planning Meeting:
Select what work is to be done
Evaluate time it will take to do that work
8 hour limit

Sprint Review Meeting:
Review completed and not completed work
Show demo of completed work to the stakeholders
4 hour time limit

Sprint Retrospective:
What went well during the last sprint?
What could be improved in the next sprint?
3 hour time limit

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